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Cottonopolis Jukebox Challenge 2017

Details of the current challenge(s) and photos of entries in completed challenges can be found below.

Challenge 2018

Click here for details of the challenge for 2018.

Photo: quilt made by Helen Howes for the 2015 Challenge.

Challenge 2017

Click here to see details of the Cottonopolis Jukebox challenges. For those who didn't get to FoQ this year, photos of the entries will be available soon.

Photo: Twill Weave by Maria Spiller, 12" x 33" challenge

Challenge 2016

Click here to see the entries for this challenge - 20" squares, black, white and one other colour.

Photo: Blue Copse by Helen Howes

Challenge 2015

Click here to see the challenge entries - 20" squares, theme equilateral triangles or the shapes that come from these - hexagons, diamonds, and the like.

Photo: Big Treen Triangle by Lucy Poloniecka